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We are Bellbird

Catalysing growth and transformation through commercial advocacy and storytelling

Bellbird is a consultancy in the nexus between communication, marketing, and transformation processes. We help our clients to transform their business by supporting brands with stories that drive change and create growth. We are experts in change communication, commercial advocacy, storytelling, and brand building.

We offer integrated communication solutions built on narratives that forge a connection, create friction and support engagement, which in turn helps businesses and organisations to set the agenda. Through commercial advocacy, we make brands relevant, attractive and credible.

Bellbird was founded in Stockholm in the spring of 2017. We aim to take on the most exciting assignments for the most ambitious brands. We believe that the business community is a positive and responsible force in society to drive change, and thus, we are eager to work with the most ambitious brands and exciting assignments. We work with large multinational companies, tech firms, industrials, financial companies, professional service firms and the retail industry to mention a few. For new, fast-growing companies, we feature a special offer combining communication and business-advisory services.

At Bellbird, we help companies to grow and evolve through commercial advocacy and storytelling.

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Commercial advocacy

Commercial advocacy is our concept for agenda-setting communication. We help brands win hearts and minds, to build brands, and to impact conversations, behaviour and consumption.


Through storytelling, we help organisations catalyse growth and transformation with the help of agile communications, captivating messages and stories that create friction and stick.

What we do

We believe communication is most successful when treated as an integrated whole. So, while we offer specialist expertise in all the areas outlined below, including studio and design expertise, our clients benefit from a unique set of skill sets and services that extend far beyond conventional offerings.

Strategy & Brand

It takes more than good products or services to succeed. In today’s disruptive and raucous world, competition between brands that want to grow and develop is fierce. With a clear commercial approach based on insights and behavioural economics, Bellbird helps companies and organisations navigate these waters. We develop brand, communication, and market strategies designed to generate growth and achieve change. Our offering includes: business understanding, market and competition analysis, brand strategy and platforms, and communication strategies and market plans.

Corporate Reputation

Reputation and trust are the cornerstones of commercial success, and are thus business-critical. Internal and external communications are paramount in forging and earning these assets. We help brands strengthen, nurture, and protect their corporate voice and relationships with selected stakeholders. Our team of experienced consultants provides support on issues including: multi-stakeholder management, change management, strategic counselling and leadership coaching, crisis and issue management, and sustainability.

Creative & Story

Aspirational brands need to be relevant, engaging and trustworthy. When surrounded by relentless noise, shouting is futile. Our seasoned experts help companies and organisations earn influence with agile communications, captivating messages and stories that stick. Using fact-based, emotive, and beautiful content, we move brand building, sales-driven marketing, or campaigning to the next level. Bellbird adds: insight and narrative, storytelling and copy, concepts and campaigns, content creation, art direction.

Engagement & Advocacy

When prevailing opinion, fashions or regulations act as barriers for business, capturing hearts and minds matters even more. In such cases, brands need powerful positioning, evidence and arguments. We craft winning solutions. We target influencers, customers and decision-makers with compelling and engaging stories. We shape opinion to effect change. Our offering includes: influencer and multi-stakeholder engagement, commercial advocacy, purpose-driven communication, tactics and operational support, channel strategy, thought leadership.


Diversity and inclusion are crucial – and desirable – for business. But infusing these complex concepts into your day-to-day operations is a real challenge. We know how to take nice-sounding ideas, and pull them down to the ground, into the nitty-gritty of your daily operations. We boost your attractiveness as an employer, optimize team performance and outcome, and make your products and services a preferred choice for a larger pool of consumers. Our offering includes: strategy, solution-focused workshops; organisational design; toolboxes; trainers boot camps, conceptualisation and change communication.

Our team

Our team possesses extensive experience working with multi-disciplinary communications, branding, advocacy, sustainability as well as management and business development. Collaborating with external partners allows us to offer production and design solutions and sector-based and specialised expertise. Our network includes a diverse team of project managers, creative directors, designers, producers, business developers, lobbyists, technologists, and programmers. By teaming up with our professional network and our talented friends, we manage to be just as small or as big as we need to create game-changing projects across many markets.

Join us

Are you a curious team player?

Bellbird is a growing company and we are looking for talented people to join us. If you are interested, please send a cover letter and your CV to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.